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GB-1229123-A: patent, GB-1229557-A: patent, GB-1229749-A: patent, US-2015295173-A1: Integrated Memory and Methods of Forming Repeating Structures patent, GB-1229792-A: patent, GB-1230898-A: patent, GB-1230966-A: patent, GB-1231321-A: patent, GB-123150-A: Improvements in and relating to Gas and other Lighters. patent, GB-1232166-A: patent, GB-1232816-A: patent, GB-1233380-A: patent, GB-1233666-A: patent, GB-1233881-A: patent, GB-1233902-A: patent, GB-1234416-A: patent, GB-1234782-A: Fibrillation process patent, GB-1234980-A: Tandem-spring unit for ingot tongs, simple, and universal strippers patent, GB-1234981-A: Improvements in or relating to drilling apparatus patent, GB-1236101-A: Improvements relating to air cushion vehicles patent, GB-1236137-A: Pneumatic tire patent, GB-1236390-A: Telephone equipment patent, GB-1237276-A: Improvements in or relating to processes and devices for cutting sheet material patent, GB-1237620-A: A method of selectively exposing a radiation-sensitive layer patent, GB-1237970-A: patent, GB-1238827-A: patent, GB-1239601-A: patent, GB-1240124-A: Improvements in plasma guns patent, GB-1240688-A: A method of and apparatus for producing polyethylene terephthalate patent, GB-1240706-A: Photographic physical developer compositions patent, GB-1240741-A: Friction welding patent, GB-1241652-A: Improvements in or relating to baths patent, GB-1241765-A: Combination play hut or shelter and slide patent, GB-1243229-A: Improvements in valves for gas burner safety devices patent, GB-1243823-A: Sterilisation process and apparatus patent, GB-1245284-A: Pneumatic tyre patent, GB-1245456-A: Planographic printing plate and process for the production thereof patent, GB-1246448-A: Production of aromatic copolyesters patent, GB-1246665-A: Improvements in or relating to skirting boards patent, GB-1247516-A: A typewriter carriage stepping mechanism patent, GB-1248434-A: Steel with high notch toughness, high yield point and high tensile strength patent, GB-1250454-A: patent, GB-125087-A: New or Improved Range Finder or Telemeter. patent, GB-1251104-A: patent, GB-1251248-A: patent, GB-1251356-A: patent, GB-1251551-A: patent, GB-1251606-A: patent, GB-1252002-A: patent, GB-1252171-A: patent, GB-1252303-A: patent, GB-1252305-A: patent, GB-1252968-A: patent, GB-1253224-A: patent, GB-1253799-A: Improvements in or relating to sludge centrifuges patent, GB-1253807-A: Improvements in or relating to preparation of ceramic materials patent, GB-125409-A: Improved Oil or Spirit Flare Light and Carriage for same. patent, GB-1254527-A: Improvements in or relating to interface detection apparatus patent, GB-1254882-A: A.c. electric motor apparatus patent, GB-1256095-A: N-substituted 3-cyano-6-hydroxypyrid-2-ones patent, GB-1256177-A: A method for providing a label fitted with a cord on a flexible tubular enclosure patent, GB-1257184-A: patent, GB-1257227-A: patent, GB-1257238-A: patent, GB-1257574-A: patent, GB-1257906-A: patent, GB-1258070-A: patent, GB-1258357-A: patent, GB-1258387-A: patent, GB-1259290-A: patent, GB-1259644-A: patent, GB-1259822-A: Method and apparatus for electrolysing alkaline-metal chloride solutions patent, GB-1260063-A: Label for use in blind clinical studies of a medicament patent, GB-1260159-A: Automatic pattern device in a hand knitting device patent, GB-1261574-A: Shearing line for edge-trimming and cutting metal sheets and plates patent, GB-1261882-A: Radial piston type pumps or motors patent, GB-1262068-A: Manipulating device for use with furnaces patent, GB-126223-A: Improvements in or relating to Dolls Eyes. patent, GB-1262558-A: Tape reel motor control apparatus patent, GB-1262768-A: Improvements in electrical inverting arrangements patent, GB-126296-A: Improvements in the Treatment of Zinc Bearing Ores for the Recovery of Zinc by Electro Deposition. patent, GB-1263009-A: A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and such device prepared thereby patent, GB-1263361-A: Improvements in and relating to foldable panels patent, GB-1263777-A: Internal combustion engine charge formation and induction system patent, GB-1263801-A: Modified protein material patent, GB-1265727-A: patent, GB-1267513-A: Improvements in or relating to vehicle suspension units patent, GB-1267946-A: Improvements in self-propelled waterborne vessels patent, GB-126876-A: Improved Reversing Gear for Marine Type Engines. patent, GB-126907-A: Improvements in or relating to Tool-Holders and Tools. patent, GB-1270349-A: Silanes and their use in the manufacture of organopolysiloxane compositions which cure at room temperature to give elastomers patent, GB-1270372-A: Machine for winding tape-like strip onto reels patent, GB-1270913-A: A method of and apparatus for measuring the rate of flow of gases or liquids patent, GB-1272600-A: Certain thiolophoshonamides as herbicides, insecticides, and acaricides patent, GB-1274388-A: Improvements relating to de-lidders for removing lids from pans patent, GB-1274423-A: Circuit for synchronising alternating current motors patent, GB-1275575-A: Hydraulic storage apparatus with floating piston patent, GB-127578-A: Improvements in Radiators for Automobile Engines. patent, GB-1275793-A: Bed for private, hospital or other use patent, GB-1275879-A: Process for the preparation of isonitriles patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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